General Information


The Court Services Division of the Charlotte County Clerk of Court encompasses all Criminal, Civil and Juvenile Courts.

The Florida Constitution requires that there "shall be in each county a clerk of the circuit court." Clerks of Court serve county governments and support the state court system, including circuit and county courts. Of their many functions, Clerks act as custodians of public records, protectors of public funds and collectors of court related fines and fees.

Elected by the people, Clerks of Court play an essential role in our free and democratic society. Clerks are independent, constitutional officers who provide vital checks and balances within the judicial branch and within county government.

The importance of remaining independent of the Judiciary

The Clerks of Court were intentionally created in the Constitution to have a separate role and independent accountability from judges. As elected officials, Clerks of Court answer first and foremost to the public and put the public’s interests ahead of all others. While judges are a key constituency Clerks serve, the office of the Clerks of Court is the public’s initial point of contact when entering the court system. Citizens’ case files and court records should not be handled by an employee of the judges, but by an impartial officer of the court who answers to the public.