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Pay Fines and Fees

The Charlotte County Clerk’s Office has partnered with nCourt to allow payments of court-related fines and fees to be paid online or you can pay with cash at CVS Pharmacy®, 7-Eleven®, Family Dollar® and other trusted retail locations.

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Important: The following are exceptions which cannot be paid online include:

  • Cases with scheduled court dates or citations with mandatory court.
  • Any case which is in collections.
  • Any case where there is restitution due.

Citations or court case fines and fees which can be paid online include:

  • Civil and Criminal Traffic citations.
  • Felony cases.
  • Misdemeanor cases.

Payments can be paid with credit/debit card online, over the phone or with cash at CVS Pharmacy®, 7-Eleven®, Family Dollar® using the link below:

When selecting the cash payment option, citizens only need to follow three simple steps to process the cash payment:

  • Print a payment barcode slip or have the barcode sent to their mobile phone.
  • Go to the retail location selected to make a cash payment.
  • When the transaction is completed, the cashier will provide a receipt for their record.

Payments can also be made at our Office Locations.

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