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Recording is the assignment of sequential "instrument" numbers to documents, as they are presented. Many different document types are recorded concerning real property mortgages, deeds, satisfactions, assignments, leases, etc., as well as documents from court cases and other sources. The recorded documents create the Official Records.


Official Records are comprised of all recorded documents. These include real estate documents and particular court documents if they are required to be recorded in the Official Records. They are public records, but not all public records are Official Records. Official Records are available online from 1921 to the present.

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Electronic Recording

Charlotte County offers e-Recording as a cost effective, efficient, and secure method for recording your documents via the internet. With e-Recording, you scan your document and use a vendor application to upload the document and associated data. No special equipment is required; just a computer with high speed internet access and a scanner. Original documents never leave your possession. Funds are transferred using Automated Clearing House (ACH) for transfer taxes, recording fees, and a nominal fee that is paid to the vendor for this process.

The e-Recorded documents can be tracked through the entire recording process and the potential for lost documents is eliminated. Documents are typically recorded the same day if submitted during regular business hours. Once the document is recorded you can immediately retrieve an image that includes our stamp.

The Charlotte County Clerk of Court’s Official Records Department is pleased to offer e-Recording through the following vendors, listed below in alphabetical order. Please note that the Charlotte County Clerk of Court’s Official Records Department is precluded from recommending vendors. For your convenience, we have also included a hyperlink to the vendors so that you may easily have access to their sites to determine which vendor best suits your personal and/or professional needs: