Charges for Notice of Appeal from County to Circuit Court
$ 281.00 Total
Clerk of the Circuit Court (Check payable to ROGER D. EATON)
$ 281.00
Charges for Notice of Appeal from Circuit Court to Appellate Court
$ 400.00 Total
Check Payable to Charlotte County Clerk of the Circuit Courts
$ 100.00
Filers can now pay the $300.00 fees owed to the Second District Court of Appeal through the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal (See Announcements/Notices for more details)
For preparing, numbering and indexing of original record of appellate proceedings, per instrument
$ 3.50
Clerk's Certification
Service Charges:
Certificates of all types (written)
For examining, comparing, verifying, and certifying transcripts of record in appellate for someone else other than clerk, per page