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Value Adjustment Board


Filing fee is for each separate parcel submitted for appeal to the Value Adjustment Board. Each separate parcel will require a separate petition form, however, the filing fee can be paid with one check, money order made payable to BOCC or cash (U.S. funds only).
First contiguous (adjoining) or multiple parcel is the same as an individual parcel. A single joint petition may be filed by a condominium association, cooperative association, homeowner association or timeshare/interval ownership type entity with the approval of its Board of Directors or Administration.
Subsequent parcels on a contiguous (adjoining) multiple parcel petition. Petitioner must obtain approval form DR 486 MU and signature of Property Appraiser staff prior to filing a joint assessment petition. Completed and signed form DR 486 MU must be attached to the petition at time of filing.
$5.00 each
Denial of homestead or homestead tax deferral appears, provided that denial is not because of a late-filed application.
Taxpayers who demonstrate at the time of filing, by an appropriate certificate or other documentation issued by the Department of Children and Family Services and submitted with the petition, that the petitioner is then an eligible recipient of temporary assistance under Fla. Stat. § 414 and Fla. Stat. § 194.013 (3).