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County Clerk’s Office moving out, moving ahead - May 13, 2019

Clerk Roger Eaton and staff at the new file storage faciliy in Murdock

This past month, your Clerk’s office moved out of a 17000 square foot file storage area on the ground floor of the Justice Center, and into a 9000 square foot warehouse in Murdock. Next year our Jury Management department will relocate into existing Clerk’s office space within the Justice Center, thereby providing an additional 3000 square feet of space. As outlined in the Charlotte Sun’s editorial on May 3, 2017, which focused on local governmental agencies working together to save local taxpayers nearly $20 million on a Justice Center expansion project, your Clerk’s office “gave up the most, especially in terms of office space” to make these massive taxpayer savings a reality.

Our new electronic records policy, which in April 2017 was cited by the Florida Bureau of Archives and Records Management as both “impressive” and “a model for other counties to consider”, required the enhanced use of scanning, digitizing, and computer-cataloguing hard-copy paper records. This successful use of technology allowed your Clerk’s office to considerably shrink its office-space footprint, thereby eliminating the need for a full-blown Justice Center expansion project.

In addition to substantial taxpayer savings, successfully integrating the newest technologies within your Clerk’s office provides greater transparency. We are excited about the new, convenient, and efficient services available to Charlotte County citizens through our website, such as online juror check-in, our free Property Fraud Alert Program, and our online marriage scheduling capabilities.

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