Yes most criminal cases can be paid online with the exception of those cases where restitution has been ordered or the case(s) have been sent to the collection agency. You must know your case number in order to pay online. Criminal traffic and misdemeanor cases may be paid online. Felony cases are normally paid through Department of Corrections (DOC).

At the time of arrest/citation/notice to appears or summons a court date will be assigned. Arraignment dates are set by judicial order according to the date served. Court is located in the Justice Center, located at 350 E. Marion Avenue in Punta Gorda. If you have bonded out, the bondsman will be notified as well. Your case number, type of court event, date/time and location of the hearing will be displayed on all court notices. Any out of county arrest, the clerk will mail you a court notice for arraignment at the address given at the time of arrest. If as any time you need to update your address please file the change of address form with the clerk.
The clerk is not authorized to change court dates.

Must contact FDLE ( to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility. Forms are not available at the Clerk’s Office. At the time of filing the documents a $42.00 filing fee is to be paid with the Clerk’s Office.

Most cases are eligible for a payment plan.
The exceptions are as follows:

  1. Cases that are already on a payment plan
  2. Cases currently in Probation/Supervision
  3. Cases in Probation/Supervision that have been terminated
  4. Cases where restitution has been ordered
  5. Cases where a court ordered judgment has been ordered