Traffic Citations

Infraction violations must be paid within thirty (30) calendar days from the date the citation was issued. Criminal violations are due on or before the date the Court Orders.

Yes, Traffic citation with the exceptions on non-traffic citations, criminal, mandatory court or tickets that require proof. Please note that the payment must be made within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date the ticket is filed in our office.

Any person charged with a MOVING violation, other than a mandatory court appearance, is eligible to elect to attend a defensive driving course in lieu of accumulating points on the driver history record if they have not elected school in the past 12 months and if they have not elected more than 5 times in a lifetime and do not hold a class A, B, or C CDL License.

There are two benefits. (1) No points will be assessed against your driver's license. (2) Attending a defensive driving course to satisfy the violation will be entered on your driver history record as an "adjudication withheld."

Online at, or look in your phone directory under driving school or driving instruction.
If you are from another state you should contact the Department of Highway Safety in your state before electing the school option. Your licensing State MAY NOT honor this option.

Sixty (60) calendar days from the payment date. It is the responsibility of the violator to deliver the School Completion form to the Clerk’s office in person or by mail.

If your completion is not filed within the 60th calendar day from your payment date, there will be penalties, points and a suspension notice sent to you for failure to provide proof of school completion.

Anyone who is issued a Civil Traffic ticket can request an extension of time to pay by completing the Affidavit Extension of Time form. There is a $7.00 charge to process. This form can be found under the Forms menu option by selecting Traffic and then Affidavit for Extension of Time.

You must provide a photo ID and there is a 25.00 non refundable partial payment plan application fee along with the first month payment due at the time of filing of the partial payment plan agreement. Once the agreement application process is completed, you will be provided a copy of the completed form. The partial payment plan agreement can be found under Departments>Courts>Traffic Citations>Additional Information>Forms.

This will result in additional fees and or referral to a collection agency. In addition, a suspension notice will be sent to DHSMV that will include additional fees to reinstate.

Most cases are eligible for a payment plan.

The exceptions are as follows:
1. Cases that are already on a payment plan
2. Cases currently in Probation/Supervision
3. Cases in Probation/Supervision that have been terminated

For details See Forms/Traffic/Partial Payment Plan Agreement